About Us


Eric and Mila, is a luxury organic and natural children's clothing brand proudly made in the United States. Marisol Gonzalez, the designer behind the brand holds a B.A. in Fashion Design. She is a creative soul by nature and is inspired by her love for vibrant colors, bold prints and quality garments. She in turn looks to incorporate that love into pieces that could travel through seasons. We go against the grain in typical fashion, which can be very rushed and harmful to our environment. We instead host year long collections where we have the freedom to add new styles as time goes by based on new inspirations. Our goal is creating quality garments that can be passed down generations with no particular trend in mind. Our brand looks to fulfill the fashion savvy parents desire to clothe their children in safe fabrics with style while also remaining environmentally friendly. 

We only use natural fibers such as GOTS certified 100% organic cotton for children to safely enjoy. We do not use any fabrics blended with synthetic fibers. What does that mean to you as a parent? Only breathable non-itchy fabrics, that are also not treated with harmful chemicals and pesticides, especially for those little ones with skin conditions and allergies. 

10% of our annual profits are donated to non profits and missionaries that help children in need domestically and globally.

Our company is based out of South Florida. We combine our tropical roots with sophistication to bring you Eric + Mila.